Top 5 Places to see in Andhra Pradesh!

One of the best southern states you should definitely go to is Andhra Pradesh. The land is chaotic and at the same time incredible. Thus, the top places you should be visiting in Andhra Pradesh are listed below:

  1. Lepakshi

The one thing that will attract you the most in the Andhra region is this grand statue of a Nandi. This statue is the largest in India and is carved out from the monolith. Lepakshi is basically a village which is located in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. At this place, you will also get to visit the shrines which are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Veerbhadra and Vishnu.

  1. Bojjannakonda

Located a few kilometers away from Vizag in Andhra, this place is nothing less than incredible. This site is known for the grand statues of Buddh and other such excavations. This site is centuries old and was discovered in 1906. Being a Buddhist site, you will this place rich to be explored.

  1. Kanaka Durga Temple

This temple is famous for the Hindu deity, Goddess Durga and is located in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. People visit here in large numbers to visit the location during special pujas of Dasahra and Navratri. This temple is known especially for the Saraswati puja event which is held on a grand scale. The celebrations at this place are really colorful and you can enjoy these by taking a holy dip in Krishna River.


  1. The Rama Krishna Mission Beach

Located in Vishakhapatnam, this beach is one of the most popular ones in the state. You can also seek this beach place which is best in som many ways. You will also get to see the Museum known as INS Kursura Submarine which has the Kalvari class submarine. This is a beach that also tops as a favorite tourist spot in Vizag.

You will also enjoy other activities including swimming, beach volleyball and sunbathing. The most visible attraction here is the museum which houses the submarine that was a part of the defense operations.

  1. Belum Caves

This is a cave which is considered to be the longest in the Indian subcontinent. In these cases, you will also find long passages leading to freshwater bodies in the region. Being an underground cave system that is natural, it took thousands of years for this formation to develop. This location holds grand prominence and is categorized under the places of national importance.

There are different pathways in the caves which lead to the main entrance. Here you will also find the deposits of quartz in the caves having the black limestone. These caves are very important historically and were inhabited by Buddhist and Jain monks.

Thus, be the first one to explore the vast state of Andhra Pradesh Today!

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