Out of all of the techniques I've recommended to my clients, this is the one that seems to have resulted in the most job offers. I think it's because putting together a group of people to advise you in your job search requires you to think about what you need and who can help. Since most successful job candidates land their new job with the help of someone they know already or meet along the way, it makes sense. An additional reason might be that, having someone to ask, job searchers ask questions they might not ask otherwise

What is the saying, "It takes a village..."
?  Oh, yeah.

What is a Board of Advisors?
It's a group of people that you invite to advise you throughout your job search. They can be local or virtual or a mixture. You can meet with your advisors as a group or separately, on a weekly conference call, a daily coffee shop breakfast, or a monthly dinner at your home. The dynamics and structure are up to you and your advisors.

How can a Board of Advisors help me?
  • Your Board of Advisors can:
    • Recommend target companies for your Target Company List
    • Introduce you to people on your Desired Contacts List
    • Dialogue with you to identify strengths and skills
    • Review your marketing materials
    • Advise you on all aspects of your job search
    • Provide moral support when you need it
    • Practice interview and debrief your actual interviews with you
    • Review your resume and other marketing materials.  
    • Help you "talk through" a challenge or sticky issue

      These people will be more engaged in your job search.  They will have a stake in your success because of their role in the process.
      Here's a "fill in the blank" diagram that can help you select your advisors:



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