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Every so often I'll show you how a few tweaks (sometimes a lot of tweaks) can make a significant difference in the positive impact a resume has on prospective employers. A resume is a two-page (one-page if you are a newbie) opportunity to present the sum total of who you are and what you offer to a skeptical stranger. And you have only have six seconds to achieve this amazing feat. 

Yeah, that’s worth a little time and effort!

Today's resume is designed to attract a marketing position.  Terry's broad experience and his well-developed community relationships would have impressed prospective employers if it hadn't been buried under so many words.  The result: no interviews in four months of searching.

After you review the before and after resumes, scroll down to the end of the post to see how it all turned out for Terry. 

[Bear with me on the long post.  I want you to see the details on how this resume was completely transformed!]


      Desired position: Senior Marketing or Public Relations Associate
      Key skills: Building relationships, organizational leadership, community outreach
      Focal points: Experience in healthcare, established community affiliations 

This resume was originally designed to appeal to employers in the oil and gas industry.  It needed to be trimmed down considerably, re-chunked to make it readable, and re-focused to encourage prospective employers to learn about his skills and interests.

P.S. As always, I’ve changed names, dates, etc. slightly to provide anonymity. 
To upgrade this resume, I:

  • Targeted the summary to the job match Terry's desired role. 
  • Pared down the accomplishments and re-focused on results.
  • Moved the two types of extra information to separate addenda so Terry can include or exclude in initial contacts (and to enrich his portfolio). 
Terry was in a job search due to layoffs in his department. Because he enjoyed working for his current employer and he and his family didn’t want to move to another town, he swallowed his pride and applied for a lesser position in another department of the healthcare system. 

so impressed his interviewer for the lesser job that he was asked to apply and interview for a much higher position - Marketing Director of the healthcare system.  Whoa!

He got the job, which was a level above his expectations.

Looking back, I realize that Terry's new resume was used solely for that one job application.  Sometimes once is enough.

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