Just because you’re following the same How to Get a Job in 90 Days Plan as others doesn’t mean that your job search should look and feel like theirs.  No way!  Review the profiles below; select the one that is most like you. Then check out my thoughts on how you may want to adapt your job search so it reflects who you are.

So how would you describe yourself? 

The Hipster
Moving fast and taking advantage of every tech and trick in the book to keep up the pace?  You've got big plans.  Maybe you're a Hipster.

The Social Butterfly
Constantly connected to others?  Into sharing and helping others? Have you ever in your life met a stranger?  You thrive on interacting with others.  Maybe you're a Social Butterfly

The Traditionalist
Confident?  Are you just looking for someone to point you in the right direction and you're good to go?  You have some things to learn, but you have some things to teach as well.  Maybe you're a Traditionalist.

The Newbie
Uncertain, but not unprepared?  You know you can do the job, but need some help landing in the right place?  Is this your first rodeo?  You need guidance, not constraints.  Maybe you're a Newbie.

The whole point here is to follow the plan, because every step is critical, BUT do it your way.  Inject your personality.  Go with your strengths. 

Some ideas to get you moving...

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