7:00 - 7:59am
Grind out 45 min. on the treadmill. 
Eat a healthy, hearty breakfast.
Big day ahead of you. Start out right.

8:00 - 8:29am
Take a good look in the mirror.
Note your skills, knowledge, and experience.
Match them to an appropriate position (or two).

8:30 - 8:59am

Write Your Ideal Work Situation Statements.
Sum up your desired location, working environment, position, industry, and major tasks in two easily articulated sentences.  Research a typical comp package. 

9:00 - 9:59am
Create a variety of marketing materials ready for distribution.
The magic word is alignment - alignment between your assets, the desired position, your resume, cover letter, and interview stories.
10:00 - 10:29am
Target desired employers.
Who do you need to know in each company on your Target Company List? 
Jump in! Apply for jobs that match your Ideal Work Situation and set up search agents.

10:30 - 11:59am
Implement a strategy for creating and deepening relationships with potential supporters.
Connect with family, friends, mentors, former colleagues, recruiters, and desired contacts through: F2F, phone, virtual and local networking events, email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Alumni groups.  (Great point in your search to demonstrate your creativity and tenacity...)

12:00 - 12:59pm
Meet for lunch with Charlie, former colleague and new hire at JonesCo, a target company.
Talk about old times. Communicate your Ideal Work Situation. Talk about new times.

1:00 - 1:59pm
Practice and debrief an interview with a member of your Board of Advisors.
You did create a Board of Advisors, right?
Practice responses to questions about those sticky issues. Again. And again.

2:00 - 2:29pm
Write a new “Manage That Project” blog posting.
Project management skills are your edge on the competition. What better way to deepen your knowledge and snag some "street cred" than to research and write a blog on it?

2:30 - 2:59pm
Charlie came through! Email customized cover letter and resume to JonesCo hiring manager.
Send a thank you note to Charlie and include the exact location of your previously top-secret fishing spot.
Research JonesCo, noting questions to ask in the sure-to-follow interview.

3:00 - 4:29pm
Interview with Susy Adams of JonesCo.
Looking sharp in your best suit, and armed with your portfolio and warmest smile, you aim to make a friend. You:
  • Focus on three points to communicate, listen attentively, and converse thoughtfully and confidently.
  • Ask a few previously prepared questions and a couple that evolved from the discussion.
  • Communicate your interest in the job.  

4:30 - 5:59pm
Receive the offer graciously, negotiate an industry-aligned compensation package, and accept.
Sure, it all happened fast. But you got this!
With your Ideal Work Situation and culture and comp research done, you compare notes, make the case for some added "bennies", and call it a GO!

6:00 - 9:59pm
Thank everyone who supported you.
Update your supporters, share how their efforts ensured your success, and commit to helping them to achieve their goals.
Diplomatically decline any outstanding offers.

Still up? Time for bed. You’ve got a job to go to tomorrow!

What I hope you learned from this post:
It's going to take more than a day.  But it will take fewer days if you follow an organized, comprehensive plan. 

What you should do after reading this post:
Act you like you have one day to get a job.  You'll know what to do.

Please share this post with someone who is looking to find a job fast!



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