This is the first of a three part series of blog posts with 20 five-minute tasks listed per post…

Some job search tasks require a little time to complete. For instance, it will take more than five minutes to create your Job Application Summary and your Job Search Datasheet. Other tasks, however, can take just a few minutes. The fact that these tasks can be completed in a short period in no way diminishes their importance. And while each task doesn’t require a lot of time, each task does demand intense focus. 

Job search stale and lacking meaningful activity? Each of these tasks has the possibility to truly jump starting your search. Be prepared to spend some time following up with the activity you will generate!

The time you take to complete any one of the five-minute job search tasks on this list could be the most important five minutes of your job search.

How to make this list work for you
Here is the list. Most of the tasks are appropriate for any point in your job search. No task on this list should take more than five minutes (unless you decide you want it to). There are as many ways to use the list as there are personalities and priorities. (Most should be repeated throughout your search. Keep this in mind as you develop your strategy.) Here are a few tricks my clients have used:
  • Set your phone alarm for 55 minutes after the hour. Complete one five-minute task when    the alarm rings. Re-set the alarm for 55 minutes after the next hour until you have finished   for the day.
  • Allocate an hour one day a week to complete and check off 10 tasks a day. (“Five Minute Friday” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?)
  • Print the list. Cut it in strips of fifty tasks. Place the strips in a jar. When you have five minutes, pull out a strip and complete that task. (The kids will love this if you have a Job Jar for their chores!)
  • Got swim practice duty? Do a couple of tasks on your phone or laptop while waiting for the kids.
  • Create reminders in Outlook or on your phone at appropriate time(s) of the day or week.   
  • Reward yourself with a game of computer solitaire for every one you complete.

Got five minutes? Do this!
1.  Read an article on trends in your industry.

2.  Google “recruiters for [your industry]”.

3.  Search Linkedin for groups related to your industry or role.

4.  Brainstorm topics for your blog.

5.  Draw a picture of the ideal person for the job you want.  Label it with attributes,
      skills, knowledge, and experience.  Compare it to yourself.

6.  Review your Job Search Datasheet and create a list of your skill or experience gaps.

7.  List 10 new people to follow on Twitter.

8.  Write a recommendation for a former colleague on LinkedIn.

9.  Endorse some people from the
LinkedIn prompt.

10. Update your status on your LinkedIn profile.

11. Post a discussion question in one of your LinkedIn groups.

12. Comment on a discussion question in one of your LinkedIn groups.

13. Re-tweet something that inspired you.

14. Comment favorably on a blog post that inspired or educated you.

15. Catch up on one of your professional organizations’  websites.

16. Clean out your email inbox.

17. Move applications over 30 days to the Inactive section of your Application Summary.

18. Clean up your documents folders, ensuring you have a folder for each application.

19. Update your Board of Advisors.

20. Google “how to use Facebook to get a job”. List three actions on your To-Do List.   

Look for the next 20 five-minute tasks in this series next week...

What I hope you learned from this post:
You can get a lot done in five minutes.  What you do in those five minutes may be more critical to your job search success than tasks that take considerably longer. 

What you should do:
Take advantage of small amounts of time to accomplish big results.

P.S. Sharing is good.  It just might get someone you love a job!



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