Writing a blog during your job search? I want to get your blog out there!  Send me your blog link and I'll post it weekly for three months to my (over 3,000, mostly career professional, that's 36,000 views!) Twitter followers and Facebook fans.  Really.


1.  Because you will be researching
     subject matter, you will learn more about
     your role or industry.  And that’s  always
     a good thing.

 2.  It will demonstrate to others that you
      know your job,  role, or industry.  You say
      you understand the role of Human
      Resources in a company’s strategic plan. 
      A blog on the subject will prove it.

 3.  You can add copies of your posts to your portfolio for  the internal recruiter to give to
      your interviewers.  Your blog posts have the potential to truly ignite great interview
      conversations.  And guess what? You’ve chosen the topic, not the interviewer!

 4.  It will enhance your LinkedIn profile.  Every (or at least 83% according to the latest stats)
      prospective employer will view your Linkedin profile, which means every prospective employer
      will read your thoughts on your job, role, or industry.

 5.  It will enhance your Facebook presence.  Everyone’s Facebook needs enhancement,
      including yours.

 6.  It will enhance your ability to organize your thoughts.  If you are not used to expressing
      yourself in writing, you may have to stretch on this .  Do it anyway.  You’ll
      be amazed at how these “new muscles” will help you shine in your interviews. 
      And in your new job. 

 7.  It will upgrade your writing skills.  Your blog should not be lengthy, but it should
      be well-written.  Be sure to have it edited.  What?  You don’t know an English
      major?  Ask your Facebook friends or Linkedin group for suggestions.

 8.  Why not?  It’s free and easy to do!  One post every couple of weeks will work.  Worried that
      only your mother and little sister will read it?  No problem. The fact that it exists is what
      is important, not the consumption.  No one will know how many people have read it. Or not. 

 9.  Someone may actually read it.  And that could start a new, productive relationship.

 10. It will set you apart from your competition.  How many people do you know who took
       a copy of one of their blog posts into a job interview?  (OK, if you are a writer, you probably
       do know some people who brought their latest blog post into an interview.  But the more
       removed your profession is from the arts, the more powerful this tactic will be.)

What I hope you learned from this post:
In a job search, you want to convince others that you know your stuff.  Blogging is a powerful way to do that.  Ok, it IS different.  But that’s the point.

 What you should do:
Get a free Wordpress site.  Add its URL address to your LinkedIn profile under Websites and include it on your business card.  Then:
1.  Begin writing.
2.  Post your blog on your Wordpress site.
3.  Post your blog or a link to your blog on Linkedin and Facebook.
4.  Direct your fellow social media and professional group members to it.
5.  Tweet a link.
6.  Rinse and repeat. 

Creating a blog during a job search may seem like a "no-brainer", but few people do it.  If you're not in a job search, share this post with someone who is and help them get started! Edit their posts.  Brainstorm topics with them.  Share their blog post links with your network...



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