The end of the year and the holiday season - regardless of that means to you - is a wonderful time to enjoy family and friends.  Although many people just assume it's not a good time to job hunt, what with people taking time off and distracted from work, they are failing to recognize two proven facts about the holiday season. 

1.  It's party time!
Any time you can enter a room full of people you have an opportunity to network into your next work situation.  Even if you spend a great deal of time reviewing and applying for jobs online, your job search is going to require contact with human beings at some point.  Luckily, the holidays are all about contact with human beings. You can nab a personal contact from someone you typically see only at your spouse's company party, or a lead on a job from a friend or relative at Thanksgiving dinner, or a tip on a prospective employer walking from house to house with the kids and neighbors at Halloween. 

2. Many companies hire in January
Lots of jobs open up on January 1, more than any other day of the year actually.  Hiring managers, long on work and short on team members, want to get an early jump on filling their empty spots.  So they are already on the lookout for candidates for jobs they can't even post for a month or so.  January hires are typically candidates they have met in November and December. 

Chances are, if you are not already in an employer's sights this year, you won't be at your new desk in the early part of the next. 

Yes, many of your prospective interviewers or decision makers do take time off. But that doesn't happen until the last two weeks of the year, when you can have a well-deserved break yourself.  But, from October 31 through December 15, your kids will have concerts with parents gathering for punch and cookies, your cousin will have an open house on a Sunday afternoon, and you'll be carrying casseroles to your Aunt Alice's house. All perfect opportunities for you to meet people, have fun, and forward your job search.

So pull out that ugly holiday sweater and polish your networking skills along with the holiday silver. Tis the season...

What I hope you got from this post: 
The holidays are a good time to communicate that you are in transition and get support in your job search.

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