The path to gainful employment can be nerve-wracking and a little crazy-making.  But people just like you get jobs, good jobs.  To drive home that message at a time when you may really need to hear it, I'm going to post some stories about my clients' job searches. Like the other stories I'll be sharing here, every word is true (although some names or details may be changed to protect the identity of the hero or heroine).  But I wouldn't blame you if you had some doubts about the truth of this one...
While I was the Managing Consultant of the Houston office of Drake Beam Morin (DBM), we acquired 65 new clients who lost their jobs when their oil and gas exploration firm was purchased by a larger energy-related company.  The new owner wanted the assets of the firm, but did not want the personnel. 

One of the three vice presidents was cleaning out his desk the next evening when the janitorial service arrived.  As she entered to clean his office, he greeted Gisela as he had done many times before. Since neither spoke the others' language,their pleasantries were mostly nods and smiles. Tonight, seeing the boxes he was loading, she looked at him sympathetically, and asked, "You go?"  Yes, he nodded. Before turning to dust the plant, she looked out the window, pointed to an office in the next building and said, "Here everybody go, there everybody come." 

Yep, you guessed it.  He scouted out that company across the way, aced an on-the-spot interview, and snagged the job.  The next week, he happily thanked Gisela for her help as he unloaded boxes and she dusted the plant in his new office.  He's not sure she understood exactly why he gave them to her,  but he is sure that she enjoyed the bouquet of flowers.

What I hope you got from this story: 
You never, ever know where or when you are going to receive the referral, the name, the number, the email address, or the insider tip that will lead you to your job. That magic person doesn't have to be your friend, know your industry, or even understand fully what you do.  They don't even have to speak your language.

Take action: 
Tell everyone you meet that you are in transition and looking for a new opportunity.  Your Gisela is waiting out there to help you.



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